2021.9-2025.6 Hunan University Major in Information Management and Information Systems 👨‍🎓Bachelor’s Degree

  • Honors:
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition “Elites Cup” (International Track): Second Prize
    • Hunan University Mathematical Modeling Competition: Second Prize
    • Challenge Cup University Competition: Third Prize
    • South Central China Programming Contest: Third Prize

Work and Internship Experience

2021.08- 2021.09 Assistant in Information Department Hangcha Group Import and Export Company

  • Data Processing: Responsible for SAP Information Management System data maintenance using Excel for data processing and entry.
  • Manual Compilation: Debugged SAP system data batch import, created problem manuals, resulting in a 50% efficiency improvement. The project successfully went live in September of the same year.

Project and Competition Experience

Visual Data Analysis Platform for Public Opinion Based on VUE and Echarts 2023.04-05

  • Web Scraping: Primarily using Python, implemented web scraping of JavaScript API data, Selenium simulated login, etc.
  • Data Analysis: Established MongoDB database, developed topic recommendation algorithm, heat evaluation algorithm, and text sentiment analysis.

Cross-border E-commerce Service Platform based on Document Management System 2023.03-06

  • Requirements Analysis: Extracted system requirements for each link in the cross-border customs clearance process, creating a requirements document.
  • Chart Making and Risk Management: Used Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau, Python, and other visualization tools to create cross charts, flowcharts, and diagrams in the project plan; analyzed project risks and created risk management documents.

Hunan University Mathematical Modeling Competition 2023.02-2023.03

  • Problem Modeling: Established prediction models such as Ridge Regression Collaborative ARIMA and Grey Relational Models based on problem requirements.
  • Programming Implementation: Used Python for programming implementation and generated data reports.

“Elites Cup” Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition (International Track, UK) 2022.05-2022.05

  • Data Analysis: Completed project financial forecasts using public and team data.

2023 International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (ICM) 2023.02-2022.03

  • Model Establishment: Extracted features and constructed time series models, neural network models based on the competition information.
  • Programming Implementation: Preprocessed data and wrote corresponding programs based on the models.

Club and Organization Experience

2023.03-09 Data Support, Hunan University Youth Media Center

  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Analyzed weekly data from the Youth League Committee’s various propaganda platforms, summarized data anomalies, and provided insights.
  • Data Research: Conducted research on the promotion of other successful variety shows, collected data from all platforms through web scraping and manual collection, analyzed, and visualized the data.

2022.09-Present Volunteer Assistant, School of Business Administration Alumni Association

  • Participated in multiple activity poster designs, tweet writing, and assisted in creating activity flash videos.
  • Involved in activity shooting and assisted in event management; received several outstanding volunteer awards.

Personal Summary

  • Office Skills: Excel (Proficient), Word, PPT (Skilled); Data Analysis: Python, Tableau, Excel, SQL; English: CET-6
  • Personal Evaluation: Diligent and meticulous in work, strong sense of responsibility; possesses a basic research methodology system and data analysis ability.
  • Research Focus: Data analysis, information system; enterprise digital transformation.